Our Story

At KitOrder we believe in personalized, authentic interactions, and the beauty of using technology to find just a bit more time in your day.

KitOrder was launched to solve a problem faced by athletes across the globe – the pain of the team clothing order. Our founder was tired of chasing down checks and trying to figure out what sizes and quantities to order. She needed an easy way to aggregate all that data and not be in the lurch for missing monies. The solution: an ecommerce platform for non-technical team and group managers to quickly launch a personalized storefront with a limited window for ordering.

While working with individual team captains was rewarding and gave us a true sense of the importance of customized commerce, we wanted to solve the big problem for brands — opening new sales channels by going direct to consumers with targeted product assortments. We scaled our code as a multi-tenant SaaS solution, and designed customizable white label platforms for incredible brands who wanted to curate micro-ecommerce experiences.

KitOrder is the gold standard for easy to use ecommerce curation and merchandising tools. As we built our team sales portals, we focused on making the product curation tools intuitive and easy to use. We have extended the reach of our micro-sites beyond team sports and group commerce, to include campaigns for employee engagement, influencers, and product launches.

The result – we make it easier to sell the items that groups of people want to buy.