On-demand without IT intervention – Launch an unlimited number of unique sites for a team or group, promote a new product, or engage advocates and brand ambassadors. Stores can be created in ten minutes, and can be easily duplicated for re-orders. Store access can be restricted with an Access Code and stores can be created with their own unique URL. Control the length of time each store will be open to create urgency around a sale.

Unlimited Products – There is no limit to the number of products you can sell through your white-labeled platform. Easily sort, organize, and manage your products with our drag-and-drop store building tools.

Design and Branding – Each storefront has a customizable content layout that uses one of several storefront templates. Custom CSS can be applied to our templates to match your company’s design objectives. Multiple design and product initiatives can be housed within one platform and dynamically updated based on store type being launched. Company or team logos can be added to each micro-store.

HTML Content Zones – Custom HTML content zones can be applied to any product detail page with our built-in custom CSS editor, which also provides image and font file storage for CSS assets. Storefronts are designed to allow for additional product information, e.g. technical features, images, sizing charts, etc. to be displayed under each product.

Manager dashboard – Dashboard allows for real-time viewing of store stats including summary of products purchased, money collected, and details on a per customer basis.Track who has paid, and who is lagging behind from your manager interface. Access a built-in messaging system to communicate with individual consumers and to share your store via social media or email.

Magic Zoom – Magic Zoomfunctionality is integrated into KitOrder product detail pages, allowing detailed viewing of product images.

Art Builder – Proprietary art design tools increase efficiency by enabling direct upload of logos onto store product images. Enhance your brand experience, and strengthen the consumer interest by directly adding company or team logos on each storefront.

Custom Domains and Emails – Select your own custom domain for your enterprise level site, while KitOrder purchases the SSL and domain on your behalf.  KitOrder uses Amazon email services to enable personalized email addresses and friendly names.


Pricing controls and bundles – Load default pricing to save time in storefront setup, but retain flexibility to adjust pricing on a per store basis. Facilitate promotions and increase upsells with “bundles” of items matched together under one fee structure. Use the bundle feature to create spirit packs or emphasize a look book assortment.

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency – Architected for use internationally; currently serving clients in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Denmark.

Dealer Network Extension – Merchant accounts can be configured to change ownership on a per store basis. This allows dealers who use the software tools to have the money deposited directly into their accounts, if desired. Alternatively, all money can flow to the client account, but credit can be allocated to the dealer.

Merchant Account Integration – Integrate your selected merchant account and gateway so that all money flows directly into your bank account. Some merchant accounts can also be configured to enable different recipients on a per store basis. This is ideal for clients that require the option to extend our store building tools to a dealer network, but also retain the ability to launch stores and collect payment internally.

Sales Tax – The KitOrder software is designed to allow for tax on a bulk or direct ship level, which can be selected on a per store basis. KitOrder utilizes Avalara tax software to meet all your sales tax needs. KitOrder offers sales tax summary reports to facilitate your accounting reconcile.

Shipping – Shipping charges are configurable and can be modified on a catalog basis. Shipping can be set site-wide to have a maximum, minimum, or greater than value. We also offer overrides to enable discounted shipping rates based on cart value (e.g., purchase over $100 and shipping is free.)

Team Purchases and Purchase Orders – Designate certain products as paid for by the team or coach, while simultaneously enabling individual consumers to purchase additional items. Items paid for by coach will be listed in a fulfillment report/PO and available for download.

Minimums – Enable a 2-step store checkout process to aggregate quantities and sizing before charging customer credit cards. Make changes to product pricing and carts will update automatically. Trigger a release for payment when quantities and minimums have been satisfied.

Fundraising – Facilitate fundraising sales by adding onto the base price of items. Donations are listed as separate line items on reporting. Checkout flows can be configured to display the portion attributed to fundraising at time of payment.

Custom Fields – Collect information from customers on a per product basis. This is ideal for collecting names and numbers. Alternatively, collect information from customers on a site-wide basis during checkout. Whether it’s marketing data or annual license information for an athlete, easily create custom fields to match your marketing needs.

Discount Codes – Create coupon codes that automatically apply to an entire store, to specific users, or to specific products; offer a percentage discount or flat dollar discounts. Create use limits on coupon codes to control usage.


User Groups and Access Controls – Give users selective access to your site’s curation tools and administrative functionality. Create an unlimited number of user groups and admins, with flexible permissions to modify experience and actions.  Designate store co-managers who have control over specific shops, but not the rest of your site.

Analytics – All systems include visualization tools and user-friendly dashboard to illustrate revenue growth, sales, and product performance. Reporting features cover product and price elasticity data points that can be used to improve targeted sales and improve the overall customer experience. Includes quick “at a glance” graphs and charts for directors and managers to easily review performance and manage data.

Product Attributes and Personalization – Backend content management tools allow for addition of specific attributes on a per product basis. This is ideal for hard goods with several different options such as materials, technology, length, size, etc. Attributes can be pre-selected during setup, or offered to consumers for selection at checkout.

Fulfillment Reporting

  • Customer Order Summary (Order details per customer on a per store level)
  • Item Summary (Total quantity with sizes and dollars collected per store)
  • Order Receipt Summary (Branded Packing Slips for direct ship or to facilitate handouts)
  • Product Breakdown (Details names of customers who have purchased specific products)
  • Product Customization (Provides list of names, numbers, etc. to be added to jerseys)

Accounting Reporting

  • Order User Transactions(Transactions details per customer by date on a per store level)
  • Master Receipt (Products, fees, and totals per store for accounting)
  • Daily Transaction Report (Total dollar transactions organized by date, across all stores)
  • Order Fee Breakdown Report (All Fees collected on site organized by store/SAP number/Customer number)
  • Sales Tax Summary Report (Sales jurisdiction and tax amounts per individual store)

Marketing Reporting

  • Flyer Builder (Can build flyers on per store level as needed)
  • Order Roster (Marketing information, e.g. billing, shipping, email info)
  • Sales By Catalog (Sales by season or sport type)

Email Messaging Service – KitOrder uses Amazon Email Services to support our own internal messaging system. Each KitOrder email is branded with your sitetemplate, and can be modified through our content management system to includepromotions and additionalmessaging.

APIs and Integrations – Our sample XMLs can be customized to map directly to your fulfillment system for automated entering of transactioninformation. XMLs can be exported daily to your SFTP and made available for download at any time. We also offer custom integrations into your ERP on an as-needed basis.