Welcome to Community Commerce

At KitOrder.com we are changing the way companies approach group sales opportunities. With tools that make it easier to micro-merchandise and analyze group purchasing behavior, we offer a whole new way to open and expand sales channels – all from your laptop, tablet, or phone.

We also know that sales opportunities can present themselves…and disappear in an instant. Stay ahead of the competition with our flash ecommerce capabilities to capture a unique moment, celebration, or event.

Easy to Use Sales Tools

  • Launch Curated Webstores for any Type of Group
  • Micro-Merchandise Inventory
  • Target Market to Groups
  • Track Revenue and Sales Performance
  • Analyze Products, Trends, and Growth

Our Mantras

Welcome to KitOrder

  • Your time is better spent growing relationships than managing spreadsheets
  • Your sales will prosper when you make it easier for your group or team to pay online any time – from anywhere – on a secure ecommerce site
  • Groups of people need a common resource portal to communicate, share, and raise funds so that everyone has a chance to play